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Southern California Youth Alliance is an innovative non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of financing housing opportunities, vocational training, continuing education and personal growth programs for disadvantaged and at-risk youth.

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Our Mission

The primary objective of this organization is the development of continuing education programs and entrepreneurial opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk youth.

So Cal Youth Alliance shall apply 100% of all net project revenues and other income sources towards funding our social service programs. Officers and Directors serve without compensation from the organization.


Community Benefits

Our housing development projects provide our youth with opportunities for hands-on training, internships, and work experience to pursue careers in the real estate, project design, and construction industries.

Revenues from our real estate projects fund the acquisition and construction of our Transitional Housing Placement Programs, as well as the youth assistance, continuing education, and vocational training programs.

Most of our projects increase the inventory of high quality affordable housing in the community...


Our Story

Tragedy is often the best motivation. Founder and Chief Executive Officer John Allen knows and understands the difficulties that lie ahead of youth that don't get the proper treatment for their problems. His younger brother, Jamie, set off on his own after high school and was unable to fully transition into the world for gainful employment, and quickly became discouraged. Discouragement led to depression; which in turn sent him hopelessly into a downward spiral of homelessness and hard drugs, from which he never recovered.

Jamie Lamar Allen left this world on May 4, 2010, at the tender age of 20. Channeling his experiences into something positive and constructive, John set up this organization to help other youth with many of these same problems. We feel that the way to approach these social issues is by teaching youth like Jamie independent living skills such as how to manage money and look for work; by providing them with educational tools and guidance counseling; by giving them affordable housing and supportive services. We firmly believe that people like Jamie should be given every opportunity to succeed. Our organization can help our troubled youth to turn their lives around and give them the second chances that we all know they deserve.

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