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Southern California Youth Alliance has partnered with Second Chance and San Diego Workforce Partnership to create our Youth Alliance Pre-Apprentice Program that allows disadvantaged youth with aspirations of working in construction the opportunity to work under experienced contractors and learn their trades.  Our Pre-Apprentice Program is a pilot program being launched and privately funded through the SCYA, Second Chance and SDWP.  In addition to the paid internships on our construction sites, we provide full sets of hand and power tools to each applicant and schooling opportunities in their desired fields of expertise.  This program gives these kids the opportunity to use the skills and techniques learned in the classroom first hand on a job site, which is an invaluable part of their introduction to careers in the building trades.  It also gives them the opportunity to see for themselves that their work is a means for gainful employment.

Participation in our Pre-Apprentice Program is determined on a per-project basis, and applicants may work on multiple projects at a time.  With this program, the SCYA and SDWP will be helping to serve the community in two important ways.  Guided by adult leaders who serve as mentors, role models, technical trainers and supervisors, our program participants work in small crews to help improve blighted communities by building high-quality affordable housing from the ground up.