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John Allen

John Allen

Founder and CEO, Chairman of the Board

Founder, President/CEO and Chairman of the Board, John Allen has provided the vision and motivation for Southern California Youth Alliance. While John has always shown a keen interest in real estate development, he also has a long history of community service dating back to his childhood. Realizing at a young age how difficult it can be for those less fortunate, he decided to invest his skills in housing development to help those without the stability and infrastructure to stand much of a chance on their own.

Launching our Youth Alliance Apprentice Program in 2017, Southern California Youth Alliance has grown rapidly since organization. SCYA began operations in mid-2015, but with the help of knowledgeable and experienced advisers, a strong board of directors and supportive development partners, John has been able to finance, entitle and begin construction on 60 housing units to date.


Greg Wayer

Greg Wayer

Director of Acquisitions and Investments

Greg Wayer is a 1984 graduate from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, and has held executive positions in the mortgage banking industry for over 20 years. He has worked with three of the largest banks in the US: Wells Fargo, Bank of America / Countrywide Bank, and JP Morgan Chase, and has expertise in the areas of operations, servicing, sales and business development.

Greg is an active consultant and investor in startups in a variety of technologies, including investments in the wind and solar energy industries. He has also taken an active role in real estate property development, from single family residences to multi-family housing projects. Greg also serves as an advisory board co-chairman for Precious Timber, a Central American agricultural company specializing in the managed growth of hardwood and coconuts, while providing jobs, housing and education for locals.

Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle

Director of Youth Development

Since he was a young boy, Michael always wanted to work as a carpenter. He started with his BA in Industrial Arts Woodworking and Architecture, and proceeded to get his teaching credential. Specializing in finish work, framing, remodeling and repair, Michael always got a kick out of sharing his love for the profession and teaching the skills of carpentry to others. Through SCYA’s Youth Alliance Apprentice Program, he is able to teach those skills while working on actual construction sites, which he believes is the best and only way to learn. His goal is to provide a great learning experience with good pay for students to take with them into the next chapter of the their careers in construction.

David Allen

Director of Project Management

David manages all site operations for SCYA housing projects. With 37 years of development experience, he is a licensed General Building Contractor, General Engineering Contractor, holds a Certification in Land Use & Environmental Planning from U.C.S.B. and is a retired Real Estate Broker. Having spent time during his childhood in the foster care system, David also serves as a mentor to all the children in our youth development programs.

Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman

Director of Marketing

Greg has a marketing and photography business based in San Diego. He is focused on integrating himself and his work into the community in order to foster growth, creativity, and opportunities for others. He believes that the only way to grow is by helping those around him grow as well.

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